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Features of Thai massage

Thai Massage is world renown for its multitude of unique techniques that garantees you relax away!! It’s also well known for long lasting effects, has little side effect. The secret is this energy flow, called “sen”.
We gently stimulate the energy flow with pleasant rhythm. And because we spend generous amount of time an each technique so you are sure to be relax.
Furthermore, your autonomic balance will be straightened, your circulation and the immune system are also improve and activated. Thus you can expect dramatic improvement on both diet and spiritual beauty.
"You must experience the ease encompassed by deep relaxation"

Thai Massage therapy

Thai Massage system

Thai Massage consists in the idea "Sen (energy line)". Energy (Prana) necessary for maintaining the life flows to "Sen". It is a summary as "Sen" as for the route that ancient those who train were able to sense by the result of the experience in training.
In the anatomy, this "Sen" cannot confirm it by the one not visible. However, effective is confirmed by massaging the "Sen" in the experience.
72,000 "Sen" is in the body, and ten of them will be the basis of all of the "Sen".
Six in that are in the foot. Be to differ from the prescription that takes the vital point of each organ (point) like the shiatsu etc. of the herb medicine and Japan and does and the feature of the Thai Traditional Massage to stimulate by the shiatsu and the stretch along this "Sen (energy line)".

Flow of Thai Massage therapy

Although an therapy based on the ten main lines especially made important is performed, since six are concentrating on the leg among those, along with the flow of "Sen", a massage is usually altogether performed from a lower half of the body towards the upper half of the body from a leg to the head. Especially in the whole body, importance is attached to a leg, it is peevish from a leg, about 60 percent of massage time is spent on a lower half of the body, and the remaining time serves as the upper half of the body. It is made to massage by four fingers of not only no both hands and shiatsu though the stretch is laced but the thumb and the remainder, it pats by the palm, and various techniques are done by the place of picking and Sen. The waist, the back, etc. push "Sen" using a fist or an elbow, and rub and loosen the whole body, are making it soft, even the cell of the whole body is stimulated, inflammation, such as each indirectness by muscular strain and muscular tiredness, etc. becomes good, circulation of blood is also based and each bodily organ begins to move actively, the pleasant sensation after finishing is wonderful and changes to a refreshing feeling of opening soon.

Tips for have Thai Massage

Thai Massage is taken everywhere by the element of the yoga and has entered. It is expressed, alias "Yoga done by two people". The receiver is made for the therapist to use its whole body and to be done in stretching, and it leads to the posture of the manual therapeutics correction. It balances according to the healer's demand for the receiver. It is not difficult even if it says, and the pose of the massage only makes it not destroy according to therapist's movement. Externals are feelings good when actually receiving it though are felt that it is a little painful.

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Did you Know?
Yoga of India and shiatsu of China united 2,500 years ago and Thai Massage was systematized in a long history of Thailand.

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Thai Massage doesn't only heal muscle tension and the tiredness of the body.
It is effective also in the dyspepsia syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, anorexia, sleeplessness, the cold, and the physical strength reinforcement, the aging prevention, and dieting, mental stress, etc.

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