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Thai Massage History

Over 2500 years of history

Thai massage is called "Nuad Pen Boran" in Thai.

The Thai Massage is said, "Nuad Pen Boran" in Thai.

Nuad is matched "Boran" of "Pen" of the meaning like the style and the method, etc. and the old meaning called a tradition in the meaning of massage and becomes "Nuad Pen Boran".
The Thai Traditional Massage is a traditional massage transmitted for 2500 years or more.
The founder and the Shivago Komarpaj father of Buddha's custom can trace the origin.
He told Thailand the medicine with the Buddhism as a doctor in India, and the original of the massage of ancient times was recorded in a sacred pali language of the Buddhism.
Afterwards, the herb medicine of China was added, a Thai experience medicine was established, and the base of the Thai tradition medicine and the Thai Traditional Massage coming in succession was established. Of the massage prescription seemed to have been systematized in a Sukhothai age (In around 1686) of the dynasty.
However, when capital Ayutthaya was attacked and the Ayutthaya dynasty collapsed to the invasion of a Burmese army that happened one after another in 1776, the majority of the text of the medicine concerning the technique of the massage was destroyed by the Myanmar in the Ayutthaya age of the dynasty.

Thai Massage: Sen(Enegy line) back

Educational facilities were made to be made when the king 3rd Rama generations 1836 year greatly repaired Wat Po buddhist temple in Bangkok.
And, traditional knowledge was made to collect the remaining scientific books and to be translated from the pali language into the present age word, and it was made to carve for the stone inscription so that everyone may freely study posture of the massage and "※ Sen (energy line)", etc.
80 pictures of the eremite who took the pose that 60 figures where "Sen" is shown stimulate "Sen" are recorded and the examination and 1100 kinds of sentences of the mixture method of the medical herb are recorded.

From the Thai royal family medicine to medicine for general public

Bangkok: Wat Pho reclining bhuddha

It began to infiltrate the general public widely by open to the public in Wat Po though the Thai Traditional Massage had been succeeded to from the priest to the apprentice around a royal family and a first temple.
The king 4th Rama generations 1906 year made all records concerning the scientific book that was survived in addition and the massage of ancient times collected and ordered the translation from the ancient times word to the language of present Thailand.
The royal family massage method was settled in one book by the doctor only for the royal family in the royal family medicine book in King 5th Rama generations age.
"Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School" is established in 1962, and the Thai Traditional Massage is taught.

Style of today's Thai Massage

It can meet the massage of the color style here and there of Thailand today.
The Chiang Mai style (Call so in our massage salon) to which Chiang Mai is mainly actively done is the representative.
The way of "※ Sen" etc. to take are basically the same though the Chiang Mai style is different for a moment the style of the massage compared with Wat Pho style.
It can be said that it is a feature of the Chiang Mai style that there are a lot of techniques of the stretch system compared with Wat Pho style with a lot of techniques of the massage untying system.
"Nuad Pen Thai" and several kinds of styles are massaged additionally as a Thai Traditional Massage.

"Thai Massage"

It is a concentration of wisdom of people invented by a long history.

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