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Thai Massage Benefits

Thai massage gives much benefits

Thai massage gives a lot of benefits for your body.

Thai massage confers a benefits to not only the tension of the body and the improvement of the pain but the trouble of the body like the following.

Organ systems

Dyspepsia/ Chronic gastritis/ Constipation/ Diarrhea/ Anorexia/ Physical strength reinforcement/ Aging prevention/ Bald prevention/ Low blood pressure/ Circulation of the blood trouble/ Headache/ Apoplexy/ Apoplexy/ Cold character/ Menstrual abnormalities/ Sterility/ Allergy.

Tension and pain in the body

Lumbago/ Slipped disks/ Pain in the waist area/ Rheumatism/ Knee pain/ Foot cramp.


Corpulence prevention/ Overweight prevention/ Abdominal retraction/ Making a beautiful waistline/ Taking dropsically swelling of a foot/ Making a beautiful leg line.

Mind system

Insomnia/ Hysteria/ Tranquil.

Tension and tiredness

Tiredness and tension of a foot/ Tension in the shoulders/ Tension of a neck and a back/ Body weariness by tiredness/ Muscular pains.