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Thai Foot Massage Theory

Theory Of Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage reflection theory

Thai foot massage reflective zones

System of Thai foot massage

If man's body massages a hand etc., the finger of the leg of the same side which has not given the stimulus will get warm.
This is called a reflection.
Human's body is a reflexogenic zone where not only the hand and the foot but also whole bodies reflect each other.
The nerve that controls the whole body such as autonomic has concentrated on the back and the shell of the foot.
It is reflexology to straighten the physical condition by stimulating the back of this foot and the reflexogenic zone of the shell, and to make health maintained by own power.
It can see the reflexology chart for feet of Thai foot massage here.

System and sect of Thai foot massage

In the world, there is a system of some reflexology.It has spread abroad since Dr Fitzgerald (USA) found that The human body is the reflection zone.
Another is foot massage from china that has a 3000 year history Recently foot massage in Thailand has flourished because it descends from this Chinese foot massage.
We can say the European style makes an important point in letting you relax, and the Chinese style gives priority to the effect of a powerful push.
Otherwise Thai style foot massage takes an effect through relaxing with middle pressured push.