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Prepare for massage

Prepare for thai massage

To enjoy massage

Clothes that move easily are acquired. Thick clothes (jeans etc.) have the case where the skin causes the inflammation at the massage and wear the one of a soft cloth as much as possible, please.
Because a lot of elements of the yoga and the stretch system are included as for Thai massage, the balance of the body pose is demanded from the received side.
It is not in the difficulty even if it says.
The bodily power extracted out and relaxed, and it only has to hold while remaining though it is made to the massage.
It is an important point.
After that, if it is possible to say to the therapist because it is excellent in English, the masseur will adjust it when the massage is painful and when the shiatsu is soft.
We will lend the pair of trousers for the massage to the customer of thick clothes.

Such a person cannot massage it

The person who has the corresponding item cannot massage.

1. Those who are undergoing a doctor's medical treatment according to the serious disease, and those who feel abnormalities for the body.
2. Person who has malignant tumor.
3. Person that there is trouble on heart. (especially, person who is using pacer etc.)
4. Person of gout and rheumatism.
5. Person who has varicosity.
6. Person with curved person and spine that abnormality is found in spine due to past accident and disease, etc.
7. Person of osteoporosis.
8. Person who has acute symptom.
9. Person who has heavy circulation of the blood trouble.
10. Person who has epidemic.
11. Person diagnosed by doctor to find abnormality in brain.
12. Person that abnormality is found in respiratory system and circulatory organs system.
13. Person of severe athlete's foot, and those who have caused inflammation to the foot.
14. Person immediately after having a meal.
15. Person of a drunkenness state.
* Please consult about the anxious person before the massage though it doesn't correspond to the above-mentioned.