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Thai Oil Massage Benefits

Health benefits of thai oil massage

Thai Oil Massage gives a lot of benefits for your body!

A relaxation effect rises and the fragrance of oil is added during massage.
An effective ingredient of the infiltrates the body through the skin.
Furthermore, it promotes the blood circulation and smoothes off skin and lymph fluid plows smoothly.
Lymph fluid collects produced waste material and water from a cell and purifies it and drains it as urine outside of the body.
When this flow stagnates, it causes swelling and tiredness.

Of course oil massage takes tiredness from the muscle, in addition, it makes combustion of subcutaneous fat and improves the function of the internal organs.

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Masssage oil also gives benefits

The secret of the benefits of Thai oil massage is massage oil.

In our salon, we use high purity, high quality oil as massage oil.
It is good for dry skin because it contains vitamin A/D/E, and its good penetration of skin keeps skin flexible.
It holds inflammation and itches check and is suitable for the prevention of pregnancy lines.