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Oil & Foot Package

Oil massage and Foot massage

Oil & Foot Package

Features of Oil & Foot Package

It is a package combining foot massager with a very relaxing oil massage.
The tiredness of the foot that was not able to be solved only by the oil massage can be healed.
Massage oil can also be selected from normal oil, coconut oil, aroma oil.

※ Especially aroma oil can be chosen from jasmine, lavender, rosemary.

» See Aroma Essential Oil List for that feature and benefits.

Oil & Foot Massage Variations

Normal Oil & Foot Massage

1Hr Oil 30min+Foot 30min 330B
1.5Hr Oil 1Hr+Foot 30min 470B
2Hrs Oil 1Hr+Foot 1Hr 560B

Coconut Oil & Foot Massage

1Hr Oil 30min+Foot 30min 440B
1.5Hr Oil 1Hr+Foot 30min 570B
2Hrs Oil 1Hr+Foot 1Hr 650B

Aroma Oil & Foot Massage

1Hr Oil 30min+Foot 30min 490B
1.5Hr Oil 1Hr+Foot 30min 650B
2Hrs Oil 1Hr+Foot 1Hr 730B

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