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Head Massage

Back & Shoulder Head Massage

Head Massage

Head Massage Price

Time Price Recommended for such purposes!
30min 250B The entire head, the neck, and the shoulder are massaged and "relieve fatigue"
60min 400B The time of the entire head, the neck, and the shoulder is lengthened and "Eliminate fatigue."

Features of Head Massage

Asthenopia due to long-time PC or smartphone operation, headache and cerebral fatigue due to stiff neck stiffness and neck stiffness, It is effective in relieving stress, irritation and others.
The head has many "Sen (Energy Line)" in Thai ancient massage, Massage to adjust autonomic nervous system and hormonal balance, not only tired of head and eyes, It helps maintain health by improving physical condition.
In addition, since the scalp is also massaged at the same time, the scalp becomes healthy and it can be expected to be effective for the troubles of hair such as thin hair, hair growth etc.

The head massage is done with a slow rhythm, inviting you to deep relaxation, and after a massage a wonderful feeling is obtained.

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