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Massage FAQ

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Can I soon massage without a booking?
April to June(with the exception of May 10 from the end of April), the time that is relatively uncrowded, in October. The time zone is the most vacant at around 3 - 1:00 pm at this time. In the evening, you might even wait this time. If you do not have much time if you can, we recommend booking.
How much is the cancellation charge?
We do not get the cancellation charge in principle at present.
When returning, can the taxi be picked up there?
The return makes the staff pick up a taxi, and can inform the driver of the destination when getting on.
Can I nominate masseur?
You can nominate it. Please input the name of the masseur who nominates it for the column of other request etc. of the booking form end if you book it.
Is there service that lends the massage-wear etc.?
We lends pants for the massage.
Do you massage me in the private room?
The oil massage is done in the place partitioned with the curtain. Thai Massage is done on the mat of the open space.
Can I massage during Songkran?
It has no holiday all the year round. Therefore, we do business also during Songkran.
Do you have massage school?
At present, the massage school is not holding. There is a massage school in "Watt Po" called the head temple of Thai Massage if it qualifies here. As for the text, Thai, and English are described in parallel. The class is Thai, and English. The curriculum is beginner's class of 30 hours, and 30 hours of higher.