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Chaidee Special Package

Foot and Thai Masage together

Chaidee Special Package

Features of Chaidee Special Package

A popular menu among the person who wants to enjoy Thai Massage and the Foot Massage by one time.
It is the most popular menu yet, the package menu from the beginning of our salon's history.

It is available to choose from the course of 1 hour to the course of 3 hours.
The feeling after the massage not to mention healing tiredness by the synergy effect is received differs refreshingly from other massages.

Chaidee Special Package Menu & Price

A course: Thai 45min + Foot 15min 250B
B course: Thai 1Hr + Foot 30min 350B
C course: Thai 1Hr 20min + Foot 40min 450B
D course: Thai 2Hrs + Foot 1Hr 650B

※ This massage menu on the booking form has been classified in the package menu.

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