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Our Service & Attitude

19 years Experience in Bangkok

The massage staff of a rich experience!

Experienced therapist who studied in the therapist who studied by WAT famous PHO and various places are said the head temple of Thai Massage,
and have a variegated technique and a long massage career worldwide.
Regular massage is trained and it works for maintenance and the improvement of the massage technique.

The special menu only of Chaidee Massage!

The Traditional Thai Massage and the Thai Foot Massage (reflexology) which is now popular among Thai people were combined.

It is available to choose from the course of 1 hour to the course of 3 hours.
The feeling after the massage not to mention healing tiredness by the synergy effect is received differs refreshingly from other massages.

» See the menu for details.

Our Service

Image Foot bath, Tea & Fruits service

Foot bath service

You will relax in the foot bath before the massage, and we will wash your feet.

Tea & Fruit service

After massage, we serve herbal tea and fruit for customer.
Fruit service will be from Jan to Mar, Jul to Sep.

Free Locker service

During the massage you can keep your bags and valuables.

Free Wi-Fi

You can check, such as travel information on the Internet.

Salon Profile

Established on the Tanao Rd. in 1998.

Salon moves to the Viengtai Hotel the first floor of rambuttri rd. in 1999.

Salon moves to samsen rd. soi 2 on February 1, 2016.

Address: 82 Samsen Rd. Soi 2, Banphanthom Pranakorn Bangkok 10200 Thailand

Tel: 081-860-4423


Massage Staff: Mail 6, Femail 11

Massage Room: 2 persons 1 room, 3 persons 2 room, 6 persons 1 room

Capacity of massage: 14 people at a time.

Business Hours

9:00 - 24:00 (Open Every Day)