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Let's have massage Khao San Area in Bangkok

Image of Thai Masage

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is called the most comfortable massage in the world. Enjoy the comfort of acupressure and stretching.

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Image of Back & Shoulder Massage

Back & Shoulder Massage

For your shoulder stiffness and back stiffness,
we offer a special back & shoulder massage menu.

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Image of Packaging Massage menu

Rich package menu!

Many kind of packaging massage menu, you can choose
according to the tired and stiff parts of the body.

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Image of Foot Bath & Fruit and Thai herb

Foot bath Tea & Fruit

Relax in the foot bus service before massage!
After massage, please relax in the herbal tea and fruit service!

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Announcement during Songkran

Chaidee Massage will be open during Songkran (Water Festival).

Duration of Songkran (Water Festival): 12th - 16th April 2018

* By the way Khao San Area begins watering in part from around the evening of 11th April every year. Everyone on vacation, prepare as soon as possible!

20 years massage service at Khao San in Bangkok!

20 years since our established in the area centered around Khao San Road in Bangkok!

Before Khao San Road still called "Backpacker's Holy Land", we have welcomed travelers traveling all over the world in the style of a traditional massage salon.
Our shop was familiar of travelers in Asia and Europe and America after the store had opened with such Khao San Road and came.
It is possible to stop readily..... It is possible to relax in a relaxed manner..... It pays attention to such service and such a massage.

Confident in massage technique!

20 years since our establishes, the veteran massage staff from the past are present!
The new staff also adopts only those who passed the test by our official certified instructor of Ministry of Health of Thailand.
We are trying to improve massage quality by checking periodic massage techniques and acquiring new technologies.

Massage salon where many massage lovers come!

A local Thai massage lovers and a masseur at another salon are also salons that come to massage.


At Tanao rd. 1998 - Nov 1999

チャイディーマッサージ ランブトリ通り ヴィエンタイホテル時代の画像

At Viengtai Hotel Nov 1999 - Jan 2016

Samsen Soi 2 » Current location

Why don't you experience authentic massage in the heart of Bangkok!

Image of Khao San Road in Bangkok

Chaidee Massage is Samsen Soi 2 in Khao San Area

Khao San Road is a place in which it is called, "Backpacker's Holy Land" for a long time in the area in which it centered on Khao San Road near the royal palace in Bangkok and gathers by a traveler all over the world.
In recent years, lined with guesthouses and restaurants and bars, and souvenir shops number, area has continued to further expansion.

It is transfigured to the area where not only the backpacker but also travelers of various styles gather.
Our massage salon is in Samsen Road Soi 2, it is the noise and bustle of merriment area is a place a little away.

You can enjoy massage in a quiet environment!!!

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Old Town in Bangkok where history is felt!

Bangkok Khao San is Old Town

In the past the dynasty was transferred from Thonburi to the present place on the other side of the Chao Phraya River.
The vicinity of the Khao San area in Bangkok is the place that leaves the atmosphere at that time.
There are the Grand Palace and the Grand Palace square about 5 minutes on foot from Khao San Road, close to Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew and buildings such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
There are many old buildings behind and around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
There is also Wat Arun on the opposite bank of the Chao Phraya River, and Chitradar Palace and Dausit Zoo are 3 km northeast of Khaosan.
Development is progressing and the atmosphere of good old Bangkok is gradually diminished, but this area still has a long-standing old atmosphere.
Visit the atmosphere of old Bangkok!!
At that time, please stop by our shop and enjoy an old-fashioned style of massage.

Image of Bangkok Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Image of Bangkok Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Image of Bangkok Khao San Area Phra Sumen Fort

Phra Sumen Fort

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